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Changes for the Birth Center

Announcement to all of our beloved clients:

As of October 1st, The Ventura Birth Center is going to be changing. Dawn, will be splitting away from the birth center and having her own homebirth practice. I will be continuing at the birth center. Dawn and I will be continuing to work together with repeat clients in the same manner as before :)

Please feel free, to email us with questions or you are welcome to ask on our FB page as well. Dawn can be reached at dawnmaried[at]


"Sue is one of the sweetest, most encouraging people I know. I had my first birth in a hospital, and the second two at home with Sue, Dawn and Davie. Let me tell you, there's no comparison! It's utterly amazing to celebrate a birth at home - and the midwives make you feel so comfortable - their care is unparalleled. "
Dia Becchio